RB 53,1: "Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, "I came as a guest, and you received Me""

Hospitality is an essential value of the Benedictine order. All guests to the Monastery are "welcomed as Christ" (Matt. 25:35), so they can experience God in silence and prayer (Benedictine Rule 48,1).

The Monastery is God's dwelling. The monks know that guests come for Christ, our only true need. Hospitality, then, originates from knowing the spiritual riches of a life spent in the constant presence of God. We express this hospitality by caring for our guests' needs, with an atmosphere of silence and prayer permeating everything. In the past few years, the community of San Girolamo (Saint Jerome) has gradually resumed its calling of devotion to the Word of God. We are bound to the Benedictine charism of constant conversion of life, and know the Lord is manifested in our brothers and sisters. How can a city on a mountaintop be hidden? How can we hide a light under a bushel? Certainly, light cannot shine without oxygen, and if it cannot shine, it has no reason to exist. Therefore, sharing with others the gifts that God has bestowed through silence and retreat is a necessity, as well as a duty. For this reason, the community offers, in addition to liturgical prayer, a service of the Word, which is read, meditated, prayed and contemplated.

In this spirit of sharing, other services are offered: "lectio divina," based on Sunday readings, which is open to the public every Saturday at 6 p.m, and a series of monthly biblical-spiritual meetings. The biblical-spiritual aspect, part of the monastic tradition, is based on personal and communal contact with the Holy Scriptures. The scriptures tell of a loving God Who became one of us: His word penetrates our lives in its own way leaving a mark like a "stylus on wax", but the Scriptures can also be examined attentively discovering their deepest meanings.

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